Raised for Local Nonprofits
1784 gifts
Totaling $279,742.24
Raised for Local Nonprofits
1784 gifts
Totaling $279,742.24
Raised for Local Nonprofits
1784 gifts
Totaling $279,742.24

A Farm Less Ordinary

Goal: $6,000.00

Specific Need

We have a $2,500 challenge grant. After that is reached, we have another generous donor who will match all donations received between 6 and 7pm.


We are a small  organization with only one non-disabled staff member. The rest of our employees have intellectual disabilities (ID). The two co-founders work full-time on this organization as volunteers. So your money will go directly to our mission - employment and job training for people with ID.


Our hoophouse was recently destroyed during the windstorm at the beginning of March. While we are rebuilding it, we could really use a greenhouse that can be stationed on top of a concrete base and entirely sealed, to avoid future disasters like this recent one.


While our goal is to employ as many people as possible, we would also be grateful if someone would be willing to donate a larger tractor - over 33 horsepower - to our organization, since some jobs are simply too hard for humans to do on their own.

  • $5,000 covers the cost of employing one adult with intellectual disabilities during the growing season.
  • $3,500 will allow us to replace our hoop house (damaged during the March wind storm)
  • $1,000 pays for 100 raspberry or blueberry plants our employees will harvest to create jams for sale year-round
  • $540 buys two rolls of landscape fabric needed to fight weeds
  • $250 covers the cost of one paycheck to a Grower with an intellectual disability
  • $120 feeds 10 chickens and 2 goats each month
  • $90 covers the cost of gas to deliver our vegetables to five locations between Berryville and Washington, DC each week
  • $65 pays for 50 seed plug trays in which we start our seedlings each spring
  • $25 buys 5 packets of tomato seeds


We are a farm, a community, a tribe. We are part of a movement to create job opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities. Help us get people out of their houses and into paying, meaningful jobs. Help us give people the support they need and the respect they deserve as contributing members of our society. We provide employment and a welcoming community to adults with intellectual disabilities, while sustainably growing organic vegetables for the metro DC area.


A Farm Less Ordinary (AFLO) is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide employment and a welcoming community to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, while sustainably growing organic vegetables for the Washington, DC area. We deliver our produce through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, bringing weekly boxes of freshly harvested vegetables to members in Berryville, Leesburg, Middleburg, and Capitol Hill, DC for 15 weeks each growing season. We also partner with Loudoun Hunger Relief (LHR) to provide fresh, nutritious produce to low-income families in Loudoun County. In 2018, we plan to employ 12 Growers in 2018. Our Growers have a range of disabilities, including autism, dyslexia, developmental delays, learning disabilities, and mental illness. By encouraging self-advocacy and independent decision-making among our Growers, and by expecting them to come to the farm on-time and complete their work, our growers sharpen the skills they will need to work anywhere. Each week, we send our growers home with whatever is being harvested so they can make the connection between their work and the tangible, edible results of that hard work.

$12,918.96 received
in 56 gifts
and 2 prizes
215.32%  of  $6,000.00 Goal


73 Providence Lane
Bluemont VA 20135
Phone: 202-378-4099

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