Children's Science Center

The Children's Science Center's mission is to instill a love of learning science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by providing all children with unique opportunities to explore, create, and be inspired. Early STEM experiences not only influence career choices, but also invite children to imagine lives-and worlds-they'd never thought possible, and to reimagine their own potential.

Address:Business Office 3949 Pender Drive, Suite 120B
Fairfax, VA 22030
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Founded in 2004, the Children's Science Center is a 501c(3) non-profit led by a dedicated Board of Directors, professional staff, and over 325 advisors, STEM professionals, parents, educators and community volunteers. The Center delivers its unique hands-on, high-quality programs and excellent experiences to children, families, and educators across the Northern Virginia region at schools, libraries, community centers and festivals as well as in its first facility, the Children's Science Center Lab. The Center's ultimate vision is to build the region's first world-class children's science museum on donated land in Dulles, VA. We need places like the Children's Science Center Lab and the full scale Children's Science Center to open the world of STEM subjects to all children-supporting their natural curiosity, igniting their imaginations, and showing them just how much space they have in which to dream.

We serve as the community anchor for STEM, filling a critical need in our current learning ecosystem and leveraging our region's unique STEM resources to deliver innovative and relevant content. We foster a sense of community for our region and our stakeholders, including employees, volunteers, donors, children, parents, schools, teachers, and partner organizations. We believe in a community based on respect, trust, and teamwork and embrace the power of diversity.
Take a peek inside the Children's Science Center Lab, plus learn about our plans for our future full-scale museum in Dulles.

"Thank you for coming to our school on such a cold night. I heard nothing put praises on Friday for the program on Thursday night. I know that students are looking at science in an entirely different light after the Children's Science Center experience. " --- Teacher, Family Science Night

"Best field trip ever!" - 1st grader

"Every child needs this…THIS is how I can make an impact. I am making a huge difference in so many children's lives and I couldn't be more proud!" --- Donor to the Children's Science Center

"This was a fantastic camp. My son learned a ton and thoroughly enjoyed going. The instructor was knowledgeable and fantastic at getting him excited about the work they were doing. We look forward to trying out another one next summer." - Dad of camper