Raised for Local Nonprofits
1784 gifts
Totaling $279,742.24
Raised for Local Nonprofits
1784 gifts
Totaling $279,742.24
Raised for Local Nonprofits
1784 gifts
Totaling $279,742.24

Crossroads Jobs

Specific Need

Crossroads Jobs' Board of Directors will match the first $1,000 in donations from this campaign.


Crossroads Jobs helps people secure and maintain stable employment. Our team has found jobs for more than 250 Loudoun area residents who have completed our proven program. Our job counselors work individually with unemployed and underemployed job seekers, helping our neighbors avoid or move out of poverty. We offer local businesses a source of ready-to-work candidates. Our services are free to applicants and employers.


Right here in the richest county in the US, about 6,000 people are unemployed and approximately 14,000 are living in poverty.


Our high cost of living means unemployment can rapidly cascade into a fall through the safety net, resulting in homelessness, health problems, family breakups and dependency.  And, there is a significant population of our Loudoun neighbors who cannot find a job at their level or have been unable to work up from low-wage jobs, forcing them to rely on services and assistance to survive.


Looking for a job can be overwhelming and discouraging, particularly if your work history has gaps, your living situation is precarious or if you are changing career directions. Often the most important step in finding and securing a job is putting together a realistic plan, and then having someone to help you see it through. Crossroads Jobs offers that support with a focus on the needs of each individual applicant.


But, we go beyond that by contacting local businesses for job openings and connecting our applicants directly to employers who have current and appropriate employment possibilities. We get to know each client's strengths and abilities, and at the same time, cultivate ongoing relationships with businesses in the area, finding the right match for both applicants and employers.


While anyone is eligible for our program and services, regardless of income or background, we purposely seek out those who need us most. Domestic abuse and homeless shelters, food banks, county agencies, reentry programs, law offices, and transition programs are some of the places who refer people to us. 


Some job seekers use the skills they learn and the plan we make together to find jobs on their own. Others need more coaching and encouragement, help with applications, employer connections and interview arranging.


Each of our applicants comes to us with a unique story, filled with struggles and courage.  Through our work with them, we become their greatest fans. We hope you will become one of ours.


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1 East Market Street Suite 202
Leesburg VA 20176
Phone: 703-771-4112

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