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Raised for Local Nonprofits
3027 gifts
Totaling $620,033.29
Raised for Local Nonprofits
3027 gifts
Totaling $620,033.29

Just Neighbors

Goal: $1,000.00

Specific Need

Just Neighbors is in need of your support in order to continue providing critical immigration legal services to low income immigrants and refugees in Loudoun and Fauquier.


The mission of Just Neighbors is to provide immigration legal services to low-income immigrants and refugees in Virginia, especially those who are most vulnerable. We also seek to foster enriching experiences that enhance awareness and mutual understanding among our clients, volunteers, staff and community.



A Story Of Hope


Veronica came to Just Neighbors four years ago, after her school’s parent liaison recommended she seek legal help for her immigration case. Just a couple months before, her ex-husband had hit her so her teenage daughter Ana called the police. That phone call changed everything. She was able to finally break free of her abusive husband who wasn’t just physically and emotionally abusing her but also using her as free labor.


For 12 years, Veronica’s ex-husband had controlled her and forced her to work without pay, creating graphic designs by night and working construction during the day while also taking care of her two daughters. Veronica describes working on the computer with her toddler, Sophia right by her side and having to keep going despite being exhausted after a day of working construction.


"I can’t believe it’s real, and I’m still trying to get my wits about me to even process what this will mean for me. I feel like God remembered me and all that I’ve been through and helped me get here. Cristina [Veronica’s attorney] has an immense capacity to help others, and I don’t have the words to express how much she has helped me and Ana."


When Just Neighbors took Veronica’s case, the attorney determined that she was eligible for a T-Visa, a special visa designated for survivors of trafficking. In Veronica’s case, she is not only a survivor of labor trafficking but also of domestic violence. Just Neighbors got to work on Veronica’s case and simultaneously was able to help her older daughter Ana apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Ana’s DACA approval came with a work permit that has allowed her to help support the family in addition to going to school.


After two years, Veronica’s T-Visa application was approved. She was granted a work permit that will allow her to seek employment and take some of the weight off Ana’s shoulders. In three years, Veronica will be able to apply for a green card and Ana will be eligible for one, as well.

Veronica and her girls have bright futures ahead of them after suffering so much trauma. Just Neighbors is honored to have been able to help them and looks forward to seeing all they do with their newfound sense of freedom and financial independence.



More about Just Neighbors


Just Neighbors is a leading voice and expert resource to the community on immigration issues, regularly giving presentations to local faith-communities, government agencies and other nonprofits. In 2019, staff and volunteers gave 47 presentations on immigration related topics, reaching over 2,143 people, and participated in 32 other outreach events, educating more than 1,200 people.


For 23 years, Just Neighbors has served more than 13,000 clients from 130 countries by helping low-income immigrants obtain the documentation to which they are legally entitled. We believe that investing in immigration legal services positively impacts a family’s overall stability in the United States. Requiring individuals to pay expensive fees for these services forces families to choose between paying for legal services or for basic needs like food and housing. Research shows that granting legal status and citizenship to immigrants increases their income level, chances of home ownership, education level and access to health care.


Focusing on humanitarian cases, Just Neighbors staff attorneys and many volunteers serve the most vulnerable immigrants in our community, many who are:

• Refugees and asylees

• Immigrant victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes

• Dreamers (immigrants brought to U.S. as children)

• Those issued Temporary Protected Status (TPS) because of armed

 conflict or natural disasters in their homelands

• Families seeking general advice about their immigration status

• Trafficking victims

• Asylum seekers

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