GiveChoose 2019 is
Tuesday, May 7
GiveChoose 2019 is
Tuesday, May 7
GiveChoose 2019 is
May 07, 2019

Ryan Bartel Foundation

Goal: $10,000.00

Specific Need


Help prevent teen suicide and become part of raising a more resilient community by supporting the FORT.


The FORT is an all-inclusive community space where teens connect and grow strong together. In addition to providing an all-inclusive space where everyone is accepted and that fosters new friendships, the FORT gives teens tools and skills through workshops that help restore calm, purpose, self-esteem and resilience, so they feel more connected, more hopeful and can cope better with the ups and downs of life. 


We're raising $10,000 so we can continue providing workshops, especially to those who may not be able to afford what we offer elsewhere. Our kids are our future, so help us prevent further suicides by building a more resilient community for ALL teens, giving them hope about life.



To prevent youth suicide through awareness, upstream educational programs and activities that support and empower youth through acceptance, connection, hope, help and strength.



Our programs are created by listening to our teens and learning directly from them what they need. As a result, we know that teens turn to their peers first when they struggle, so we have created a safe space for teens to connect both inside and outside of school where can get the help they need and grow stronger together.


1) Inside schools we have student-led clubs called We're All Human, set up to promote awareness and support for those dealing with anxiety, depression and suicidal behaviors. With training and the support of caring adults, peer groups become change agents for creating awareness, developing coping skills and self-help seeking attitudes. Every school that starts a 'We're All Human' club is also eligible for the Acceptance of Others scholarship award. 


2) Outside of school we offer a community space called the FORT, a safe space where teens connect, feel accepted, share and grow through additional resiliency based activities and workshops that enrich and strengthen their lives. Workshops are designed to provide participants with skills and tools for restoring calm, purpose, building emotional strength, happiness and self-esteem.  Examples include meditation, yoga, working with certified therapy dogs, expressive art, writing, music and more. 


3) We have now introduced the FORT for parents; while teens are busy at the FORT, parents can attend a parental workshop focused on building resilience as a family. These workshops are practical, hands-on, and provide parents with tips and advice on how their family can grow strong together.



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