Raised for Local Nonprofits
1861 gifts
Totaling $327,899.77
Raised for Local Nonprofits
1861 gifts
Totaling $327,899.77
Raised for Local Nonprofits
1861 gifts
Totaling $327,899.77

Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center

Goal: $20,000.00

Specific Need

$10 Provides 1 hour of vocational training to our students from LCPS!

$25 Provides food for a horse for 1 day!
$50 Provides an adaptive/therapeutic riding lesson to a student where they work on sensory, cognitive and physical goals while learning riding skills!

$75 Provides intensive Equine Movement Therapy with the support of our Dr. Sue (physical therapist) to support the development of sitting, walking, talking and/or eating!

$100 Provides adaptive equipment for our ever-growing client load!  Diverse diagnoses and needs call for continual additions to our equipment supply!

$150 Provides hay for a month in 1 of our 3 fields!

$250 Provides a scholarship for our 1 week Inclusion Camp (we have 4 weeks of camp this year)!  Lauded as the "best week of summer" by our students, this camp utlizes inclusion, differentiation and exploration as it builds horsemanship, social and life skills!

$350 Provides all winter needs for a therapy horse including blankets, additional hay, heated water buckets and essential winter grooming products.

$500 Provides a student scholarship for a full session of lessons (12 weeks)!
$750 Provides shoes for 1 horse for a year!

$1000 Provides teaching/therapy supplies for our 125 students for a full session!

$5000 Sponsors (covering all costs) one of our hard-working therapy horses for 1 year!


Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center is dedicated to changing lives through equine assisted activities and therapies. Sprout provides hope, healing, empowerement and recovery through partnerships with horses.


Sprout exists to serve your neighbors, family and friends. We work for people who need support to walk, talk, learn and connect with others. We believe that all people should have access to a robust life filled with love, opportunities and diginity. We choose to use our passion, our energy and our talents to better the lives of others.


At Sprout, we have an equal passion for horses and people.  Our horses are the embodiment of hope, the fulfillment of dreams and the opportunity for freedom in an otherwise confined world of disability. Our horses are the great mediators between where people are and where they want to go.  They have a unique gift to transform despair into joy, confinement into ability and isolation into community. Our horses bond with people in ways that change their lives forever.


Each year, nearly 500 individuals are served by Sprout. Their ages range from a 2 year-old diagnosed within the Autism spectrum to a thirty year-old survivor of a traumatic brain injury to a sixty year-old old with advancing physical and mental deterioration. What they all share is the support they receive from Sprout physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.


Caring for 15+ horses on a 27 acre facility with a professional staff who are leaders in the field of therapeutic riding is costly. Sprout relies heavily on volunteer manpower and in-kind donations to keep operating costs low. Even with this support though, Sprout must subsidize 50-70% of the cost of every rider’s participation - and this cost is met through generous contributions from our community.
Your support will make a difference. Your gift will change lives! From helping a child learn to walk, run or talk, to giving a teen the confidence to finish school or providing an outlet for adults once isolated due to disability.


Your gift matters!

$2,861.96 received
in 14 gifts
and 1 prize
14.31%  of  $20,000.00 Goal


40685 John Mosby Hwy
Aldie VA 20105
Phone: (703) 965-8628

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