Mosaic Virginia

Mosaic Virginia® reaches out to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of women facing unplanned pregnancies. We desire to inform, support and empower them to make life affirming decisions. Our services are free and confidential because all of our resources are provided solely through community support by local organizations, businesses and individuals.
Address:19415 Deerfield Avenue Suite 109
Lansdowne, VA 20176
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In addition to pregnancy testing and ultrasound services, we offer limited STD testing and treatment. At Mosaic, clients have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with compassionate advocates to discuss their options, their support systems, and community resources available to them. For those women choosing to parent their babies, we offer "Earn While You Learn", an educational outreach program with topics such as pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and life skills with the largest emphasis on spiritual and personal growth. We also offer sexual health and integrity programs which are educational presentations that seek to educate youth and young adults about the long-term effects of casual sex in an effort to prevent unplanned pregnancies. We also provide post abortion support for women experiencing unresolved feelings following an abortion.

Since opening our doors in 1994, We have helped thousands of women and families. Client demographics have changed over the years but our values have not changed.
We genuinely care for all people from all walks of life, and we treat everyone with dignity and respect. We are honest and truthful, non-judgmental nor manipulative; we treat all communications with confidentiality and we hold ourselves to high professional standards when serving our clients.

Our promise is simple: We'll be a safe place-a place where someone will listen; a place of acceptance and compassion; a place to ask questions and get honest answers; a place where relationships can result in something beautiful together.
"We support Mosaic Virginia with a monthly donation towards a long-term pledge. We've have visited the center, and have seen first-hand the good work they are doing in our community. Mosaic is standing in the gap, helping women in Loudoun who often have nowhere else to turn due to lack of a support system, lack of finances or lack of health insurance." - Dan & Amy F., Leesburg, VA

A Client Story: A friend referred Shelly* to Mosaic when she was pregnant with her first child. Amy and her boyfriend, Jason*, were professionals in their 30's with advanced degrees who were both excited about impending parenthood. They came to Mosaic because of the reputation of our Earn While You Learn Program parenting classes. Amy and Jason diligently completed the full course and rarely missed a class. Amy said she is grateful for the way in which the advocates supported her during and after her pregnancy. Jason especially appreciated the spiritual component of the course. At Mosaic, we're proud to serve our clients in every stage of pregnancy and strive to equip new parents with the skills and spiritual understanding that builds strong families. (* names has been changed to protect confidentiality)

A Client Story: Our nurses routinely make follow-up calls a few days after clients have been to Mosaic. Recently, our staff nurse made a follow-up call to client who had been abortion-minded when she came for her appointment. The nurse asked her how she was doing and the client answered, "Better since seeing the baby." She told the nurse that initially she had been angry about being pregnant and having morning sickness, but she now plans to carry to term and is happy about the pregnancy. She feels the morning sickness and changes she will have to make in her life are worth it. The ultra sound made the difference in her decision!
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