Project Horse Empowerment Center

The Project Horse Empowerment Center provides hope, confidence and healing to at-risk children, teens and adults through care and services provided with rehabilitated rescue horses. We specialize in helping individuals who struggle in traditional learning and therapy environments, by providing unique opportunities for growth and healing to the most vulnerable members of our community, regardless of emotional, cognitive or behavioral challenges.

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Address:18915 Lincoln Rd
Purcellville, VA 20132
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Founded in 2008, the Project Horse Empowerment Center provides therapy and experiential learning services to individuals ranging in age from young children to senior adults. Each year, through our unique equine therapeutic programs, we positively impact the lives of hundreds of people in our community. Although we specialize in providing therapeutic services to at-risk populations, we also offer beneficial programs to the community at large, such as Leadership workshops and professional team building.

Project Horse provides human services care through a variety of programs, each of which requires the collaboration of client, therapist and horse. But only by working as a team can Project Horse successfully deliver high-quality, high-impact therapeutic care -- and only with the support of generous donors like YOU can we continue to expand services to clients in need.

We each have a role to play: Help Project Horse grow its Foster Scholarship Fund with your gift today.

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"The quiet connecting with the horses was nothing short of magical. This is a day enormously beneficial to any woman who gives of herself and for anyone using precious energy to try to clear obstacles that come with life..." - Caroline Gendelman, Women's Wellness Workshop participant

"My son is on the autism spectrum and has been working with the horses at Project Horse for almost a year. He always looks forward to his sessions with the horses, they help him to remember how to stay calm. Working with the horses is also helping him gain confidence in other areas of life." - B. T., mother of a teenage client with ASD

"I am a clinical psychologist who began accompanying residential groups to Project Horse in July 2011. Our groups consist of teenagers who present with a variety of issues, including Mood Disorders, substance abuse problems, trauma, Attachment Disorders, and attention problems... Several clients in our groups have developed a strong attachment to the horses. Through these bonds, they have learned empathy skills and have also begun to take some healthy risks in trusting people..." - Dr. Catherine Wanamaker, formerly with Grafton Integrated Health / Graydon Manor

"I've learned that a lot of horses can resemble humans in the way they act and treat each other, and there's a lot to learn from that." - BJ, teen client

"I'm so pleased and thankful that my daughter was able to join a small but fantastic group of girls to whom Project Horse not only delivered a positive difference in their lives, but also a chance to embrace what nature has to offer and take out of it a unique learning experience." - M.C., parent of preteen client

"At Project Horse, the kids work cooperatively, develop self-confidence, resourcefulness, practice being calm and mindful, build trust with the staff, horses and each other; and even work in a strong dose of laughter. The Project Horse staff are consistently kind, patient, and warm, and the setting itself provides a peaceful, positive, structured, and highly motivational space for the kids. In my time there, various kids shared that it is an experience they will never forget, and even that it helped them to find hope for the future. As a therapist who continues to work with at-risk, trauma exposed, and emotionally disturbed children, there is no therapeutic setting I have experienced that is more naturally suited for building resilience in this population, and no staff that I can more highly recommend." - Kathleen Gilliland, Art Therapist and Marriage & Family Therapist who worked with Project Horse in 2012

"In just one day, your program has made a difference in A! She absolutely loves being around the horses and smiles when she talks about the program and what she did. Thank you so much for what you do!" - Lori P.
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